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Current Director Visit Schedules                                    

Please CLICK HERE to access the chart of Director Visit dates.  Click on the By Chapter tab at the bottom and then find your chapter alphabetically.  Yellow highlighted dates indicate your Director will be taking a Speaker Spot.  White dates they will be presenting an Education Moment training.


Director Presentations

  • Building the KNOW leads to the LIKE and Trust

     PowerPoint      Video Presentation Example

  • Building Trusting Relationships

     PowerPoint      Video Presentation Example (min 19:55)

  • Challenge Questions

     PowerPoint      Video Presentation Example

  • Conformity Presentation

     PowerPoint      Video Presentation Example

  • One-to-Ones

     PowerPoint - Dorothy

  • Feature Presentation

     PowerPoint - Sherry      Video Presentation Example (min 18:00)

  • Power of One 

     Power of One Quiz PowerPoint
     Power of One - One-to-Ones PowerPoint    Episode 190 - The Power of One and One-to-Ones 
     Power of One - Michelle's Presentation   Video Presentation Example (min 25:00)

  • Stack Day / Visitor Day Info

     Meeting PowerPoint   Video Presentation   Example Instructional Document

  • The Importance of Reviews

     PowerPoint - Toni Cox   Video Presentation Example (min 27:50)

  • Time Commitment

     PowerPoint - Christi   Video Presentation Example

  • Visitor Day Presentations

     Successful Stack Day Docment 9-20    Visitor Day PowerPoint Template 10-24-20     Video Presentation Example 
     Keys Presentation     4 Pillars Presentation     Building Trusting Relationships PPT  BTR Presentation Example (min 19:55)

  • Why Networking is Important

     PowerPoint     Video Presentation Example

  • Why Invite

     PowerPoint     Video Presentation Example

New Chapters - First 6 Weeks of Training 

(Trainers: download & save these to your computer so you can make changes)

​Documents for 6 Weeks of Training

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